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Wax Rainbow Light (8cm) 彩虹燈

Wax Rainbow Light (8cm) 彩虹燈


Looking for a unique and vibrant gift? Look no further than our Wax Rainbow Light! 


Handcrafted with care in our workshop, this stunning piece is perfect for any occasion – from birthdays to seasonal greetings, weddings to house warmings.  Each light comes with a USB lamp holder and a gift box, making it ready for gifting.  


Creating this beautiful rainbow light takes approximately 2 hours in our workshop and is a fun and creative way to spend your time. Order now and add a touch of color to your life.


想為自己或者朋友準備一份獨特的禮物? 那就試試我們的彩虹燈工作坊吧(製作彩虹燈大約需要 2 個小時)!


這款彩虹燈非常適合作為任何場合的禮物 -- 生日、婚禮、新居入伙,等等。每盞燈都配有一個 USB 燈座和一個禮品盒,方便大家送禮。

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