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Samantha Sumukhi Wong

Hello everyone! My name is Samantha, you can call me Samantha or Sumukhi. Sumukhi is the spiritual name given by Guru, which represents a girl who is cheerful, happy and yet empowered to take control of her life.​

My journey of "Body, Mind and Spirit" started with Aura Soma. At the beginning, I didn't even know it was "Body, Mind and Spirit", but simply wanted to know more about myself and the reason I always have a heavy sense of powerlessness in my life.  Over time, I learned many different self-discovery tools and realized that the best healing energy comes from nature.



"Body, Mind and Spirit" are a trinity, intertwining and influencing each other. I prefer to deal with situations in the order of spirit, body and mind because I realize that spirit has the greatest impact on us, including the impact of negative energy, mental and emotional pressure, loss of future direction, the feeling of helplessness when we want to change but unable to do so, etc...

Among the various healing tools, my favorites are tarot, crystals, essential oils, and sound therapy. In future, in addition to bringing more energy crystals to you, I hope to share with you my insights on the journey of spirit, body, and mind, as well as the ways to find our true selves in the spiritual dimension, and to live out the true purpose of our journey.


I hold different kind of certificates from material world to spiritual world:

  • Founder of Sumukhi Healing

  • Founder of Crystal of Love

  • Founder of TMS Holding Limited (A Business & HR Advisory Company)

  • Chartered Secretary & Chartered Governance Professional

  • Master of Science (Human Resources Management)

  • Master of Corporate Governance

  • Trainer of Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)

  • Aura Soma Practitioner

  • Akashic Record Reader

  • Aromatherapist (Usha Veda | NAHA) 

  • Ayurveda Practitioner 阿育吠陀實踐者

  • Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) 

  • ​JPHAA Certified Instructor 

  • ​KDCA Perfume Master

  • Usui Reiki Master (Certified Practitioner) 

  • Sound Therapist 

  • Tarot Reader

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