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i-Ching Tarot 易經塔羅

i-Ching Tarot 易經塔羅


Introducing the i-Ching Tarot, a card system that combines the ancient wisdom of i-Ching with the power of tarot. This unique approach not only predicts your future, but also teaches you how to manifest your dreams and desires. The i-Ching Tarot is perfect for fortune telling, decision making, and changing the feng shui of your living or working place.


Our 3-month course includes 120 minutes x 4 of instruction per month, so you can fully immerse yourself in this powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery. Learn the meaning of all 64 hexagrams and unlock the secrets of the i-Ching Tarot today!


易經塔羅牌是一套將古老的易經智慧與塔羅牌的力量結合的紙牌系統。 這種獨特的方法不僅能預測您的未來,還能指引您實現夢想、改變運程與風水。


此課程為期 3 個月,每月 120 分鐘 x 4 次教學,讓你循序漸進地掌握易經塔羅牌的奧秘!

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