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Handmade Candle 手工蠟燭

Handmade Candle 手工蠟燭


Indulge in a soothing and relaxing experience with our handmade candle workshop. Using only pure essential oils, you can create your own natural candle and enjoy the difference in aroma compared to artificial fragrances.


Our finished product is a luxurious soy wax candle that will bring warmth and comfort to any space. Join us for a 1.5 hour session and discover the joy of creating your own natural candle.


讓我們的手工蠟燭工作坊為您帶來舒緩放鬆的體驗。參加我們 1.5 小時的課程,探索製作天然蠟燭的樂趣。

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